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What is WordPress Taxonomy?


Taxonomy in WordPress is used as a way to group posts and custom post types together. It is a form of biological classification method used to bring different forms of data under one umbrella. WordPress has two default taxonomy which is mostly used by people,

  1. Categories
  2. Tags

WordPress taxonomy

Can I Make my own Custom Taxonomy in WordPress?

Yes, you surely can use custom taxonomy in WordPress to bring different data groups under one classification.

For example, If we create a custom taxonomy with the name, “Books”. Some might say that we can use categories, but what if, we want to use them a bit differently than default categories. For this, We can make a new taxonomy called Topics. In this, we may classify topic terms like Fiction, Adventure, Drama, Comic, Romance, Classic, Non-Fiction, etc.

This would allow us and our users as well to sort books by each topic. Taxonomy can also be made in a hierarchical structure. By this, I mean that you can have parent topics like Non-Fiction, Fiction, Crime and Detective. Then we can have subtopics under each category, i.e. Non-Fiction can have Journali3sm or Philosophy as a sub-topic.

Got something to share about taxonomy in WP? The comment is all yours!

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