when to expect results from your content strategy

What does it take to show impressive results from your content marketing? Many people wonder as to how long does content marketing strategy take to show results. So, it depends. Smart people do build content marketing strategies, and these marketing strategies require patience, and mainly when other priorities are also there on your agenda. However, for making the strategy work, you must work on an appropriate path, and then the job would be much easier for you. Actually, there isn’t any magic formula or number which will be able to predict the time when content marketing will bring results. Even if a marketer tells you something definite, you must be wary of him.

But though there isn’t any number embedded in stone, yet there are benchmarks that will help you in setting realistic expectations. Results will undoubtedly vary but you ought to see consequences within six months of beginning your efforts for content marketing. In the beginning, you will grow gradually, and you will be needed to include value drops to the pot of content creation, and when your container gets filled considerably, then you will begin to witness the enormous advantages of content marketing.

In its 2015 benchmark report, HubSpot discovered that companies that have more than 400 published blog posts get double the amount of traffic compared to companies that have less than 400. This is a point that must be remembered when the matter comes to marketing strategy. Again, blog posts alone can’t fetch an extraordinary measure of the progress of your content marketing. For an impressive result from your content marketing strategy, you must outline the best plans, and a few to suggest are as follows:

1. Regulate the Goals of Small Businesses

You must choose a long-term investment when the matter zeroes on content marketing and it will cost you 62% less compared to traditional marketing. Additionally, your content team should possess a focused and clear plan direction.

2. Execute a Comprehensive Investigation of Your Audience

The majority of the content marketers overgeneralize this content marketing step. It can be split into three vital points:

Describe your Target Audience

Develop a reader persona that will clearly define your appropriate customer. List their gender, occupation, age, interests, yearly income, and significant challenges that you might face during conversion with them. If possible, do try to opt for Conversion Rate Optimization Myths to avoid before finalizing this phase.

Develop Operative & Persuasive content

When you have defined your audience, you must find out why they hang and where. Accumulate the top blogs and note down their formats. Another important factor in content creation is understanding the needs and specific problems they face. This will help you attract customers with relevant and useful content.

Ongoing Dialogue

You ought to create your own audience to perform in front of, as a strength to your organization. Never try to imitate or copy another (existing) company’s language or format as in order to do so, you might lose your uniqueness as a brand in doing so.

3. Manage Your Content Publishing & SEO Properly

For getting a remarkable uplift in numbers, you have to develop relationships with influencers and construct an arch of foundational content, and this will take approximately six months.

4. Check the Content Marketing Performance

After you have crafted high-quality content and promoted it well besides creating authoritative foundational content, you must evaluate your content marketing presentation by answering some questions, like which content marketing endorsement strategies are driving the maximum traffic/hour? Or who are your unsurpassed customers, etc.? You must go through the audience’s feedback besides setting new, fresh goals every 3–6 months.

You must always remember that content marketing means colossal work, but here, neither are you required to do all at-a-time nor have to wait until you have gone through all the strategies for content marketing. Content marketing is also a journey, and for getting to your destination, you have to fuel it regularly.


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