Why Corporate Blogging Is Waning and Why You Must Worry!

Why Corporate Blogging is Waning and Why You Must Worry!


Corporate blogging is fundamentally a practice where content is created with a prime focus on company updates, efforts and technical aspects followed by the company. They are generally taken as first consideration while managing the PR of the company and is a proven option for better interaction with the target audience.

Corporate blogging was considered as a very important part of promotions and used to stay in the loop with an audience, which always has remained the focus for the growth of company, but, nowadays, corporates have reduced the time, resources, and promotional bandwidth for blogging on which earlier, they spend a fortune on. All of this has lead to a stage where the complete term of ‘corporate blogging‘ is waning out.

It depends on company’s niche that whether they want to opt-in for corporate blogging or not, but it’s slowly going out of trend, seeing the decreasing count, there can be many reasons for it. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why corporate blogging is waning day by day, what can be the actual reason for its vanishing.

1. Sales is Everything

One of the biggest reason for the waning of corporate blogging is that is they are not interested in solving the customer queries/ questions they have in their mind, for them the most important thing is to maximize sales count. So, they are not interested in creating a blog or a website which generally requires an extra expenditure.

They believe in focusing mainly on selling their products through a push strategy with customers, these constitute of outdated businesses who lack any knowledge of the online world. My advice to such business owners would be to make sure that they adapt to the world of the internet because if they don’t, someone else will.

2. Not Enough Resources

There might be a possibility that the business is not doing well and is only on its survival stage. In such scenarios, business owners don’t have many accountable resources, but one thing which they must not underestimate is the fact that it’s a reliable source to revive their business promotions if handled well. If ignored, it might lead to non-expansion or even death of the business.

Money can be a huge issue as some people want to make their business available online but due to financial unavailability, it becomes extremely difficult for people. But starting a blog on various platforms like Tumblr or Blogger is free and doesn’t cost much (apart from promotions).

3. Mindset Says, “It Carries ZERO Impact on Business”

There are some businesses in the market that still carry the belief that making your business available online will create a NO major impact on the growth of a business. The only problem here is that their mainstream mindset could cost them a lot in the long run.

As a business owner, they might be having good experience in running the business and might be well aware of all marketing skills, or sales. But, one must believe that promoting it online is NEVER a waste of money. Instead, if performed well, your investment will return in the long term with huge interests.

4. Lack of Marketing Avenues

Some companies are well established, have a good production team, HR team, finance team, but lacks in terms of marketing. And due to this, their business suffers the hard pain of failure. These businesses must realize that having an online blog is a huge plus in terms of branding & marketing which (after a certain period of time) will contribute in the revenue generation streams.

All these things are the myths which form the traditional mindset of business-owners because of lack of knowledge and expertise in the marketing field, especially digital marketing. These are the major reasons on Why Corporate Blogging is waning. My advice would be, “Businesses who really wants to grow and establish themselves as a brand identity in front of their target audience must invest in corporate blogging.


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  1. Never thought on what is corporate blogging, but after reading your content, I believe it’s quite important for a small business owner like me… Thanks for the share!

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