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4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Content Writer


In the present scenario, you really don’t need a website to run a business? Really? Yes! You not just need a website but a website with great content on it. Simply having a website is not enough today though it might be the new business card (Read more). So, with this, comes the very need to outsource content. Again, having content doesn’t suffice it all. The content you post must be good enough to attract readers. Thus, comes the need to hire an efficient content writer who not just writes great content but also writes content that converts to revenue. So, before you hire a content writer, ask yourself these 4 major questions.


1.What Type of Writing Would You Need?

Are you clear about the goals of the project? There’s a vast difference between a blog and a website copy. You have to find a writer who is capable of delivering the type of content you need. Further, is it a one-time gig or an ongoing project? Based on the term of project you need to hire a writer.

2. Can I do it Myself?

Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but the real question is, Should you? Is the ‘blog writer’ hat designed for you? Be realistic about your abilities, time and resources. Can you really commit to writing three to four times a week? If you cannot commit to consistency, you should outsource this job.

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3. What’s the Total Budget?

Before you hire a writer, setting a budget is mandatory. You need to know how much you ‘have to’ spend and how much you ‘can’ spend. Will you be making advance payments or will you make payments through the project? Whatever be the manner of payments, you have to be clear about it right from the start.

4. Who’s in Charge of the Writing Project?

Do you have someone in your team who can look after this project? There doesn’t really need to be an in-house member to manage the task, but you definitely need someone to supervise before you post the content online. This person must know what good really looks like.

So, take a note from now on, to not just get a website. But rather, get a website with good content. Facing trouble producing content for yourself? No worries, we’ll help you with the best we got, Reach out to us today!


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