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It is quite evident that Google has offered several profitable services to the active internet customers.  One of its striking services is Google+ (also called as Google Plus), which is a social media platform that has suddenly grown as a fruitful digital marketing base.  Over the years, the usefulness of Google+ to achieve better Google Search Rankings associated to different keywords has gained immense popularity.

How does Google+ play a crucial role in planning Digital Marketing strategies?

At present, digital marketing plans include several platforms through which active traffic can be acquired. With, Google+ as a tool a number of internet businesses have received enhanced search engine rankings. Here are some prominent factors which prove Google+ is an advantageous weapon for digital marketing success.

1. Google+ Content Immediately Gets Indexed and Gain Visibility in Search Results

The content which you post on Google+ is more likely to appear in search results as compared to other pages, articles, websites, and content published on social platforms. Why? This is due to Google’s ranking process which lists their own social network greater and further crawls it quickly. Moreover, the added advantage is that Google previews several Google+ posts having rich snippets, offering them more importance.

2. Your Google+ Profile is Visible to Everyone You Email

As per statistics, around one billion users access Gmail on a monthly basis. Therefore, the biggest benefit of Gmail and Google+ is that the user’s Google+ profile gets visible in each of the emails he/she delivers to friends, clients, or acquaintances.

With this fact in mind, it might get important to optimize your Google+ profile with the inclusion of:

  • Bio
  • Links
  • Workplace
  • Information which you want to share with the people

Hence, it is considered a smart way through which your profile gets more views.

3. Involved Demographic on Google+

According to estimates, Google+ has an estimated monthly count of 375 million users. Moreover, it is projected that close to 2.2 billion profiles are present on Google plus. Since every Gmail account leads to the creation of a Google+ profile.

  • Currently, Google+ holds the highest percentage (73%) for men on social media.
  • Also, recounting the top occupations, around 78% Google+ users are working in roles involved in the tech sector.

If that is the target audience for your purpose, then there is a higher probability to reach them via Google+.

google plus logo


 4. Powerful Google+ Communities

Based on the statistics released by Google, the number of communities present on Google+ is 1.2 million, with new communities joining in on a regular basis.

With the active use of Google+, posting content on communities is a wonderful way to attract an audience. Furthermore, there are different workplaces which also use communities from Google+ as an in-house social network for its employees.

5. Sharing Convenience on Google+

One of the amazing benefits of Google+ aimed towards digital marketing is the convenience of sharing content. Now, you can associate your Google+ personal profiles to your Buffer account without any hassle. With a single click, you can add content that has already been shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, directly onto your Google+.


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