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Wix Review 2020 | Things to Know Before Making the Purchase


On a huge range of websites creating solutions, Wix does performs well on the website builders end and it is all-inclusive. You create your site on their software along 2with their tools, and your website exists on their servers. Similar to various other website builders, when you use Wix, you do a job of leasing as well as customizing an apartment in place or purchasing your own house. However, you can still control cleaning, décor, and everything… but leave the plumbing, construction, infrastructure, and security to the owner of the property. While there’s a lot one might discuss over for, here’s an honest Wix review 2020 that would help you whether to choose it or not!

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Wix Review: Element by Element

If you wish to describe Wix in one word then it has to be ‘freedom.’ It intends to propose numerous options before leaving it to the users to select amongst them. For instance, there is a huge choice of elements for building your website, like various navigation elements, boxes, menus, buttons, etc.

wix review 2019
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The majority of the elements possess various options. Wix possesses an element, known as Repeaters which is somewhat exclusive. It is a modest database. You do tell it the type of content the fields ought to have before designing an element which gets repeated for every entry into the database and no other website builder proposes anything similar to this. This is appropriate for properties, listing events, staff members, etc.

Again, Wix also comprises App Market. App Market has 309 applications which include additional features and elements.

Who Does Wix Cater?

The team of in-house developers is huge and it has whole departments that are devoted to the specialist markets. Regardless of your niche, you will always find a template that can match. It comes pre-filled with features that are intended particularly for you, like industry-specific photos and interactive booking forms. This will help you in saving lots of time as well as effort when you have been beginning out.


With the help of Wix Multilingual, you are liberal to get your website transformed in just some clicks, thus saving you from repeating page after page. However, the design and the layout remains the same, so you just need to click on ‘translate’ on an element and get the translation job done. You can translate the following elements like:

  • Images and backgrounds
  • Text that includes menus
  • SEO settings
  • Links
  • Wix Stores

So, it means anyone across the world is capable of enjoying your Wix-built website easily.

Excellent Template Features of Wix

Wix pre-fills its templates with interactive features and media content for getting you started. The features are selected for matching the template. For instance, if you select a restaurant template, then it will come loaded with a booking form, a menu, interactive map and excellent animated background pictures of food.

All the stuff is superb for inspiration and you can preserve it when you wish or substitute it with your own links, photos, text, and so on. The templates of Wix are readymade websites, and you can publish it right away and even import dummy content if you wish to.

Can You Get Wix for Free?

Wix possesses a free plan but you will be able to utilize it only when you have a Wix subdomain (which at times harms your brand). Additionally, you also need to demonstrate advertisements and have confined functionality.

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For using a full functionality and custom domain, you will be required to make payment for a premium plan. When you are hunting for a website builder option for free, you ought to explore the free website options. They will explore the entire product suite of Wix and concentrate on anyone building a public-facing and full website.

Wix Template Editor is Easy & Powerful

Wix makes use of ‘pure drag-and-drop elements’. By this, it is meant you can click for selecting more or less on your template before dragging for moving it where you wish to. Wix makes it pretty easy for you to get started with compared to other potent website builders, like Squarespace.

So, you will never be gazing at a black canvas or stressed for moving things around.

things to know about wix

Features Offered in Various Modules

  • Restaurants — Comprises online delivery features, restaurant menu elements, and a reservations application.
  • Music — Besides possessing a huge selection of audio players, it allows you to distribute music and it provides custom audio analytics.
  • Events — You can get connected to sell tickets, payment provider, develop email invites and trail guests’ list.
  • Bookings — You can also propose appointments, workshops, and classes that a customer can book right from your website. Additionally, you can accept bookings from the mobile application of Wix and send email reminders regarding appointments and receive payments.
  • Art Store — You can get connected to a print-on-demand service, digital images, develop digital licenses, and brand images with a watermark.
  • Forums — A visitor can turn member, join conversations, upload videos, follow posts, and leave comments too.

Mobile Editing Feature of Wix

It offers a mobile-friendly form of your website automatically and you can edit it separately. It generates a form of your website meant for tablet and mobile phone screens. The Mobile Editor does offer you numerous ways to augment your site meant for tiny touchscreens.

wix review 2019

Like, with its help, you can hide space-hogging characteristics and reorganize menus for people to tap on them easily.


While there are plenty of website builders that are available, a few to name include Weebly, Squarespace etc. In this Wix review, it is comparatively quite easy to use and opt for as compared to other alternatives. If you’re someone who belongs to a non-technical background and wants to take yourself digitally, then Wix is a good start!

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